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Jul 30, 2022Liked by GenWise

I bet none of them are going to forget the learnings from this experiment. (For that matter, even I am going to remember 45 minutes for the first drop. Note to myself - never let life depend on water coming from such a source :-D) The beauty of immersive, experiential, and experimental education :-) Kudos to GenWise for bringing it into the lives of many children :-) :-)

Nassim Taleb is a big proponent of tinkering and trial & error method of working and learning. If memory serves me right, he has written about it in his seminal work - *Anti-Fragile*. Even in public talks, he says with great conviction that Trial & Error will triumph design; and certainly academic knowledge. Because Taleb is a mathematician at core, it is difficult to disregard his principles. Wish they were part of the school curriculum. Till then it is upon the likes of GenWise to equip children with what has high practical utility but is missing from the syllabus.

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