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<i><u>*Every organism has an internal drive to fulfill its biological design.*</i></u>

-- This is a *phenomenal statement* with far-reaching consequences and applications. The entire article (Is it a Cheetah?) by Stephanie is a master piece on biological existentialism. To draw a human parallel - "If Young Sheldon does not insist on correcting math & physics used by NASA, is it still Young Sheldon?" One is also reminded of Matt Damon's character from Goodwill Hunting. Will's professor made it his mission to ensure that Will fulfills his biological design. To Will's surprise, even his non-gifted friends were waiting eagerly to see Will fulfill his biological design of a mathematical genius.

Coming back to Stephanie's article, even a Cheetah needs the right environment to evolve into the Cheetah it is meant to be. Then it is imperative that the Young Sheldons among us are given the best opportunities and environment to fully develop into the Kalams, Bhabhas, and Sarabhais that they are meant to be. While parents and schools will do their bit, the larger responsibility falls in the lap of *Cheetah-Spotters* - GenWise, and all such organizations, who are working on this mission :-) May their tribe increase!!!

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