This caught my interest because when I was in the classroom, I was always concerned about meeting the needs of children with differences, including gifted students. I was bored a lot in school, so I know how it feels to have your time wasted day after day while the teacher reviews things for the other kids.

My interest now is regarding giftedness and autism. My two sons and one cousin are diagnosed autistic. The first one diagnosed (at age 10) was my older son. I had read many books trying to find the answer to his unexplained difficulties. One was called "Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses of GIfted Children and Adults." I wasn't sure after reading the book, but I knew he must be very bright, and he was identified as gifted by the school at age 7. When the school tested him for special education, they found he had a very high IQ. I don't remember the number, but they described it as "near genius." The description you have on the first slide of "Giftedness and Asynchrony - the Neuroscience" sounds very much like my son (and me). It also lines up with autistic characteristics. He does have additional difficulties with social interactions, and during testing he showed a complete lack of reciprocity. I just wonder what your thoughts are about distinguishing autism from giftedness, or how they may go hand-in-hand at times.

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